"This is a steamy take on Austen, with a brash, fiery Elizabeth and a protective, romantic Darcy who will have romance readers falling in love with their classic story all over again." - Publisher's Weekly

"A Higher Education is the P&P adaptation we need right now." - All About Romance

"Sharp, stirring, and sensational – A Higher Education is a perfect choice for readers who love seeing Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in a contemporary setting. Brava to Rosalie Stanton for her praiseworthy, inventive, and skillfully translated adaptation!" - Austenesque

“Things get hot and heavy in this sexy take on Pride and Prejudice. A contemporary retelling starring two 20-something college freshman — the fierce and unapologetically feminist Elizabeth Bennet and the wealthy and snobbish Will Darcy — whose initial head-butting evolves into a seriously steamy sexual relationship, A Higher Education updates Austen's classic love story for the modern world.” - Bustle

"This is a deliciously naughty, incredibly snarky, skillfully modernized retelling that had me laughing out loud." - Shelf Reflections

"Right away the story grabs your attention with its simple premise and frank dialogue. He thinks she's crude and she thinks he's a rich snob. The two have a love/hate thing, prompting a series of verbal sparring filled with fun, snappy quips." - Sandra's Book Club

"It’s not often I enjoy a het romance this much [...] I might even have gotten teary-eyed at a couple of scenes. This is one romance I’ll be revisiting and likely soon." - Author Bran L. Ayres

"This is a fun read and the best modern adaptation I have read." - A reader

"I am picky about my Mr. Darcys but [Stanton] did not disappoint. [...] I really appreciated how [Stanton] kept to the original story line enough that I recognized those quintessential scenes and enjoyed [the] modernized versions of them and then [Stanton] changed enough relationships, characters and other scenes enough to keep it fresh and I enjoyed discovering the new ways [Stanton] weaved them all together." - Jenna Wallace