Unemployed and out of options, Kenzie jumps at the first lifeline she's thrown. Just one problem—to get her payout, she must break the law, and into an apartment belonging to Lennon Bishop, her former boss.

Getting caught red-handed is bad enough, but when Kenzie finds herself trapped with Lennon in an elevator right before the power goes out, all bets are off.


Someone wants Piper dead, but Wolf only pulls the trigger on people who deserve it. Once Wolf discovers his cover’s been blown, his options are limited: walk away or watch the woman he’s become obsessed with suffer the consequences.

Lucky for Piper, Wolf has always been a slave to his conscience. But once he has her close, he doesn’t want to let her go.


For Jason, being near Ashlee, his stepsister, is pure torture. Bullying kept her at a distance in school, but she's a woman now—something his over-sexed imagination won't let him forget.

When she catches him masturbating, though, he sees something different in the way she looks at him. And if Ashlee has feelings for him, it's a whole new ballgame.