Campbell (whose real name is Superbia) is a private guy who is intensely resistant to change. So when his family starts expanding around him, he finds it a nuisance. Being the Sin of Pride, he takes his image very seriously. He needs to be seen as strong and resolute—he hates the idea of anyone thinking he’s weak and generally doesn’t take it well when people make jokes at his expense.

Campbell assumes an “ignore it and it will go away” to most of the change that occurs around him, except when the well-being of one of his sisters is on the line. At that point, he’s not above making problem suitors disappear…permanently.

As the series progresses, Campbell’s extreme need to be seen as the strong, silent type is tested after an incident nearly costs him his life, leaving him with debilitating anxiety. He struggles to find his way back to the guy he was before, all the while trying to understand why anyone would voluntarily die for someone they love.   

Appearances: Lost Wages of Sin, Sex, Sin & Scandal, Flip Side of SinSins of the Flesh, Deliverance from Sin*, Sins of Omission, Cardinal Sins


*denotes the book in which Campbell is the lead character