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Impolite Dinner Table Talk: Politics & Religion

There is the age-old argument that diving into the world of politics and religion runs the risk of alienating a good chunk of potential readers, and for many, this is a serious gamble. But also for many, these are things we are passionate about, and I’d like to think we’re passionate about them for the same reason: we believe we’re on the side of right.

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Politics: No, I will not shut up about mine.

The presidential election was undoubtedly one of the more contentious in recent years. It was a downright downer at the end of an already shitty year—as discussed previously, 2016 sucked balls. A lot of us—myself included—were hoping that the period following the election would see a return of civility. A lot of us—myself included—assumed that Hillary Clinton would be our president.

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So, a few days ago, an author shared an alarming message she received from someone who claimed to be a reader and a fan. This person praised the author’s work, but said she had to return each of the books (ranging from $0.99 and $2.99) because they were too expensive. Furthermore, she would very much appreciate it if the author could make her books free from this point on.

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We'll have to muddle through somehow

Depression is a disease, but it’s one unlike any other out there. It can be externally motivated, but there is always—always—an internal factor. You can’t ignore the internal factor and hope the external works out. That’s treating the symptom without paying any mind to the disease itself. Tending to symptoms might make the condition seem like it’s getting better, but without in depth exploration and, at times, painful rehabilitation, the disease will just return in one way or another.

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So, there went July