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"This is definitely not your typical vampire tale. The story includes many tongue-in-cheek references to Meyer's and Rice’s vampire lore. However, the author relies on Biblical mythology, turned on it head, to explain the complex and intriguing world that of this novella. Get ready for some extra spicy language and heated scenes that take sin to the next level!" - RT Book Reviews

"I enjoyed the great dialogue between these two as it only helped add to realism of the story with their banter back and forth. I also found that the characters were all well written and easy to relate to. The emotions that went through the story were real." - Romancing the Book

"I just loved this book. It was witty, raunchy, intelligent and quick." -  The Romance Studio

" I loved the characters; from the romantic interests to the sisters they were all likeable, yet flawed characters that kept my interest and made me want more." -  Scorching Book Reviews

"I would recommend this book for lovers of Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy. Readers who enjoy the sexxorin’, with some funny banter and sexual tension." - Parajunkee's View

"The hardest part is going to be waiting for each of the books in this series to come out, and maybe finally, reach a happily ever after for Lucifer himself? Well, a gal can always hope!" - Maldivian Book Reviewer's Realm

"Lost Wages of Sin hits all the marks: it’s about love at its core, a hero you’ll be thinking about for quite some time, great mythology and just enough sexy action to get your attention." - Vampire's Book Club

"Lost Wages of Sin is a light and funny paranormal romance with memorable characters and hot, steamy sex. I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author." - Love to Read For Fun

"Lost Wages of Sin is a gripping first book for the Sinners and Saints series, and leaves enough of the story open that readers will eagerly await the next installment. If you’re looking for a story to take you away from the real world for a couple of hours, pick up Lost Wages of Sin. It will not disappoint." - Nocturne Reads

"What I like most about Lost Wages of Sin is the banter between Dante and Ava.They love to give each other a hard time and be very sarcastic." - Smexy Books

"I am hoping that the future books are dedicated to the other Sins because the ending is left very open and sets up very nicely for a sequel that I cannot wait to read." - ParaNormalRomance

"The world that is created here is imaginative and fun. I like the idea of the seven sins being Lucifer’s pet children, it’s different. Its fun a bit snarky and keeps you entertained the whole book." -  Paranormal Haven

"Lost Wages of Sin is an intriguing read. There are so many sinners in this story it is a wonder the book never goes up in flames." - Coffee Time Romance

"It [Lost Wages of Sin] has all the ingredients for a fantastic paranormal romance & is put together brilliantly." - Day Dreaming

"I love the world that Rosalie has created, and can’t wait to read the next book in the Sinners and Saints series!" - Mama Kitty

"Ava is very innocent for a two thousand year old creature of hell and it makes you root for her to overcome her trials. Dante is a sinfully sexy vampire with a heart dedicated to Ava. They are very different characters but are perfect for each other and it's great to read the chemistry between them." - Book Monster Reviews


"So without further adieu, I'm announcing a new element to my reviews.  To salute the Supa Smexiness of a book, I will deem it worthy of a Hashtag." - Dren's B Spot

"Great plot, complex and believably drawn characters,  and a romance that is swoon worthy make this novella an interesting and engaging read.  This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Stanton, but rest assured, I am hooked." - Book Martini Reviews

"I also Rosalie's writing style and thought that the book flowed easily.  I hope she is planning on continuing this concept in other future releases." - Hanging With Bells

"If you're looking for a great, entertaining, erotic read, you'll love LOST WAGES OF SIN!" The Romance Reviews

"Readers looking for a love story will find it here along with the start of a series that is sure to be a lot of fun." -  Got Erotic Romance Reviews

"The first in the series in the Sinners and Saints books was exciting and enthralling, the plot and story was fantastic and imaginative." - We Love Kink Reviews

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